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  • Condition: Brand New
  • Length: 160 mm (6.3 inch)
  • QTY: 2pk
  • Comes with 2 types of Jig heads(3g & 10g)
  • If you want smaller one, BABY STEALTH SWIMMER is suitable!

  Swimming Action

  Features & Description

A weedless swimbait featuring no exposed hook.

The Stealth Swimmer adopts the Stealth Hook System *, making it a soft swimbait with outstanding obstacle avoidance. In addition to the completely hidden hook, the forward-set eye is located high at the tip of the body, giving it enhanced slip-through performance against any structure. The angler can confidently attack spots where normal swimbaits snag, such as overhangs, submerged cover, floating debris, and irrigated plants.
*Stealth hook system (PAT-PAT/P): The hook is fixed by magnetism inside the body. When the bass bites, the hollow structure body bends, and the large hook instantly pops out from the slit in the back and pierces the jaw of the big bass. 

Realistic appearance 

Thanks to the stealth hook system, with no hook on the outside, the Stealth Swimmer runs silent and makes it difficult to entice bass with vibration. This is where the realism of the body stands out. Imakatsu technicians solved this concern with their ultra-realistic "3DR real color series" coating. When coupled with its realistic swim action, Bass strike the Stealth Swimmer without hesitation, mistaking it for a real fish.
The Stealth Swimmer also uses Imakatsu's "Real Color Series" gloss coating that reflects the sun's rays and makes the lure shine like a real fish. Coupled with its already translucent body (light can be seen through when it is backlit), this gives the Stealth Swimmer a completely natural look that blends well in water.

Outstanding versatility that can capture from the surface to the bottom

The Stealth Swimmer is not only strong around cover, but perhaps its greatest weapon is versatility. By using stealth hooks with different weights, the Stealth Swimmer can dive to various depths from the surface to the bottom. Use Imakatsu’s "High-strength resin no-sinker jig head (3g)" for surface to 2m range capture or their "Bismuth & steel ball FECO certified heavy weight (3/8oz)" for 2 to 4m range capture are included as standard. If deeper depths are required, also available are the "Extra Heavy 1/2oz" and "Full Tungsten Magnum Heavy 3/4oz" (both sold separately). Of course, a proven strategy is to use a heavier weight and cover deeper areas with a faster retrieve. For example, using a 3/8oz lure is suitable for retrieving between 2-4m, but if you wind it quicker, you can run shallower than 2m.

  Another size option



  Tips -Using different Imakatsu swimbaits for various situation-

Using the Stealth Swimmer and Lazy swimmer to perfection

 If you want to know the lay of an unfamiliar lake or pond, you need the Stealth Swimmer which can run through surface to middle depths without having to worry about the weed or structure close to the bottom. Anglers can swim the Lazy Swimmer very slowly to perfectly imitate a live baitfish while holding mid to surface depths. The Lazy Swimmer with its enticing slow retrieve will be deadly during periods of low bass activity. This swimbait will be the difference when fish are not in an aggressive mood.
 The Bacurato Swimmer is designed for deep water such as during the cold season. The Stealth Swimmer can swim the deep range by installing separately offered weight packages (such as "Full Tungsten Magnum Heavy 3/4oz" or "Extra Heavy 1/2oz), but with substantially less tail action. If you are aiming for a reaction bite by contacting hard cover such as hard bottoms and submerged trees, the Bacurato Swimmer will give you better results. 

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