LAZY SWIMMER 9" [Brand New]

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  • Condition: Brand New
  • Length: 9"
  • Weight: 5.5oz
  • Floating
  • Come with one treble hook. 
  • Description: LAZY SWIMMER 9" is bigger ver. of LAZY SWIMMER


(Photo: Lazy Swimmer 9" vs Lazy Swimmer 6". )

  Swimming Action

(*Lazy Swimmer in the video is the original size)

  Features & Description

The SLOWEST most enticing Swimbait in IMAKATSU history 

Winding with a dead slow swim bait allows for more action and increases bite chances over shorter lure travel distances. If you wanted to wind your swimbait slow, the huddle tail has been the go-to standard.
Now, IMAKATSU 's newly developed demon tail has produced a swimbait that can be wound even slower and more deadly than the world-famous huddle tail swimbait.
The demon tail swim bait exhibits a super realistic subtle tail action that when slow winding only the tail moves slightly while the body remains stationary. The versatile tail is able to be split to create another action as the picture shows. This allows a truly unique action where the upper and lower tails will move independently. This independent, split tail action generates more complex yet subtle fish enticing vibrations with a gentle swimming action.

The secret to producing a natural looking bait fish

Natural action can be achieved easily enough by slow rolling many lures, however, IMAKATSU has further perfected it with the “Lazy Swimmer!“ For the ultimate natural presentation, the lure's swimming aspect must be horizontal to imitate swimming fish. The Lazy Swimmer can maintain a horizontal aspect when used as a floating lure or even when adjusted to suspend*. If you pause this swimbait during its retrieval in its horizontal aspect, bass will find it irresistible. 
(* Buoyancy is built into the inner body which makes it possible to keep a completely horizontal aspect - just like a bait fish. Anglers are able to minutely adjust the swim bait to perfect the suspending action and aspect by using a 0.6 to 1.1 g nail weights.  )

Darting action is possible - even with a huddle tail

Although the fish catching power of huddle tail type swim baits is widely recognized, it is difficult to make them dart due to the rigidity of the lure and difficult to time the strike when aggressive bass attack. The Lazy Swimmer is a swimbait that allows the anglers to impart darting action while maintaining the ability to catch fish. There is no doubt that if you impart darting action on the Lazy Swimmer in front an aggressive bass, they will find it irresistible!

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