X-NANAHAN+1 (X-75 +1) [Brand New]

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  • Condition: Brand New
  • Length: 75 mm (3 inch)
  • Weight: 7 g (1/4 oz.)
  • Depth:  MAX 5.9ft. (MAX 1.8m)

  Swimming Action

  Swimming Action

  Features & Description

A jerkbait series that inherits the action of the Vision Oneten, providing long castability while being a small minnow.

(Photo by lure magazine)
In big lakes, like Lake Biwa in Japan, the X-80 and ONETEN are about as small as anglers go. However, in the tougher, smaller lakes, even the X-80 may feel too large. So famed designer Yuki Ito, who developed the VISION ONETEN series, created the X-NANAHAN (meaning 70-Half). It’s a 75mm (3”) minnow that is larger than the X-70 but smaller than the X-80, with excellent flight distance. The X-70 is a classic small minnow that has been on the market for over a quarter of a century, and has a slender body. Of course, it still catches a lot of fish, but if more distance is required, the X-80 fits the bill, but it’s a little big. The X-NANAHAN is a hybrid at 75mm, between the X-70 and X-80, and achieves both distance and a compact body. In order to achieve sufficient flight distance even with a small size, the body is weighted and the tail is narrowed. In fact, the flight distance was so great that during testing, the staff suggested naming it "Rocket".

A variety of techniques for both jerk and reel, inheriting the legacy of Oneten.

Renowned tournament pro Shinji Sato assisted in the vision of the X-NANAHAN, and wanted not only flight distance, but also the action that can be jerked and just reeled just like the Oneten. When jerking or twitching, Sato also wanted a wide irregular action that is as good as a full size jerkbait. According to Megabass CEO Mr. Ito, fish can be caught just by "reel and stopping", because it has a tight high-pitch roll action even on a simple retrieve. When you find a point of interest, you can entice the bass lurking in deep places and structures by adding jerk or twitch.
When using the X-NANAHAN, various actions can be deployed while searching large areas for reaction strikes, so you can use it while looking for preferred patterns in that field. Even in unfamiliar lakes, the X-NANAHAN will be a great search lure to throw first.

3 versions according to desired depth

The NANAHAN series is a three-lure series, according to depth:
X-NANAHAN is good to 1.8m (6’),
X-NANAHAN+1 is good to 2.4m (8’), or the
X-NANAHAN+2 which dives to 3.2m (10 ½’) despite being a smaller minnow.
No matter the depth of the fish, the X-NANAHAN series has the lure to go down and get them.

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