The one of the most realistic JDM lure: Last Ace 168

The one of the most realistic JDM lure: Last Ace 168

Many JDM hard baits has realistic look. Especially some lures like Megabass product and Jointed Claw of Gan Craft. Their products are well-balanced combination of appearance and function design. However, the product we are going to introduce in this post is not produced by either Megabass or Gan Ccraft. It’s a product from EVERGREEN* international: one of the most popular manufacturers in Japan.  

*about EVERGREEN: Although EVERGREEN is one of the big lure manufacturer in Japan, they seem to be not good at selling their product outside Japan. Thus, there are many secret baits you may not know.




The LAST ACE 168 was invented by JB TOP 50 pro angler: Ken.F.  (As he had used Last Ace in some TOP tournament secretly, he could win some titles.)  

Its swimming action is just amazing.


What makes so realistic?


At the view of manufacturing, it’s hard to overspray on soft material but EVERGREEN did. Clear paint is applied on base paint so that the surface of Last Ace makes reflection.


No eye for line on its body

As the Last Ace 168 has a pipe inside its body, eye is not required. In a result, excess resisting force of water decreases, and it makes the bait swim like real fish.


How to use LAST ACE 168

We’ve got some tips from Ken.

  1. Keep Jerking

If fish come out swiftly and close to the bait, keep jerking. The fish is going to bite it. 

  1. Jerk, stay, and twitch

When fish come out but never bite, stop jerk and sink the bait and twitch.


Seeing is believing. Here is the video from Ken. 




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