Our Recommended JDM Shallow Diving Crankbaits

Our Recommended JDM Shallow Diving Crankbaits

Every angler knows that throwing crankbait to cover gives them more opportunities of catching fish. However it always comes with snag... That's sad especially the bait is costly like JDM tackle. Thus we JFT recommend you used-baits for cover ;) So,what do you throw? Here are some recommended JDM crankbaits!!





Although it's  not so popular oveseas, it's definitelly one of the popular crankbait in Japan.  

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SR-X Griffon of Megabass

Since it came onto market, it became a standard of small sized crankbait. 

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Designed for bannging against shallow cover, its swimming action is consistent and never erratic.  

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10cc of Jackall

10cc is first crankbait of Jackall released in 2000. (Designed by Seiji Kato who was first lure designer of Lucky Craft)

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RC of Lucky Craft

No need to explain!!  It's one of legendary squrebill produced by B.A.S.S pro: Rick Clunn. We still have some discontinued colors. 

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CR of Evergreen

Released as Combat Crank in Japan, CR series has been attracting Japanese experts for almost 20 years.

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waddle bats

Waddle Bats of IMAKATSU

Its swimming action is just surprising!! The blade mounted rear of the body makes totally unexpected erratic action. Watch the video in the product page👍

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nanko crank

Nanko Crank of Tsunekichi

Accounted a genius of creation, Haruhiko.M who invented Neko rigging etc. always creates supprising baits. The Nanko Crank is also the one.

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