New ANTARES from SHIMANO is debut in Feb ’19 !!


New ANTARES from SHIMANO is debut in Feb ’19 !!

Delivering the ultimate in long distance casting capabilities and silky smooth performance, ANTARES is attracted by fame all over the world. We have been believing that it’s hard to make better reel. But finally the ANTARES is updated!!

New ANTARES is debut next month (Feb ’19) in Japan!!

So what is difference, spec, and features?

1. Will be available outside Japan

Because of market needs, the flagship in Shimano’s low-profile baitcasting reel line-up: ANTARES DC is officially available in Japan only. (At least, SHIMANO US and Europe does not list ANTARES DC on their WEB site. )
However, New ANTARES is successor of current ANTARES which is available outside Japan , it should be available in US and EUROPE!!

2. Options of Gear and Retrieve

You can choose from 4 options.
Shimano offers two gear options and both retrieve:right and left.
Normal Gear: 6.2:1
High Gear : 7.4:1

LINE RETRIEVE PER CRANK is 25.9inch (66cm) for Normal Gear, and 31.1inch (79cm) for High Gear.

3. Weight

Weight of New ANTARES is 7.7 oz (220g).
It’s slightly lighter than current ANTARES: 7.9 oz (225g).


Line capacity of New Antares is only 12/100 (MONO LINE #TEST/M).
It’s somehow decreased from current model.
So what makes this difference?? YES! It’s because of NEW SPOOL!!

5. New Spool: MGL SPOOL 3

Surprisingly, Shimano designed their new spool 0.11 inch (3 mm) thinner. (MGL SPOOL 2 mounted on BANTAM MGL )
The new spool reduced 15 % of spool inertia that extends casting distance and makes pitching and flipping a breeze, even with finess baits.
Stunned with the casting experience, some pro staffs of SHIMANO are considering give their all reels away and take New ANTARES only. Besides, they warn that “If you are do not have serious interest on this reel, it’s better not to try to cast with this reel. Otherwise you would have unexpected purchase.”



6. Other features

New Antares is also mounted some features

– SVS∞ b
– Micro Module Gear System
– S3D spool
– Silent tuned bearing