I X I SHAD (Megabass & Imakatsu)

I X I SHAD (Megabass & Imakatsu)

Every year, many Japanese lure manufacturer launch their products. Some of them live long as they are called new standard. So, what about 2018’s? By grace of internet, fishing lovers may know lures released in Japan though, let us get an opportunity to introduce them. (*At the moment, we Japan Fishing Tackle are focusing on providing used/pre-owned fishing tackle, they might not be in stock. )

Although most people know MEGABASS since the company produces some winning lures of big bass fishing tournament, we believe that IMAKATSU is still not so popular in overseas. However in Japan, IMAKATSU is the one of the well-known manufacture because the founder: Katsutaka Imae is kind a living legend top tournamenter in Japan. (He has completed so called super grand slam of Japanese tournament. ) His popularity was so high when bass fishing was in the boom in Japan.(Around 1998) Besides, baits and rods which were produced by him (and Evergreen) got very popular in Japan as well as Megabass’s.
Thus, he was kinda rival of Megabass.


Two living legend ITO of Megabass and Imae of Imakatsu.

Well, so it was so breaking for us that the founder of Megabass:ITO collaborates with IMAE of Imakatsu.

What kind of category of lure they chose?

The “SHAD” is the Japanese category, which is identified crankbait or jerkbait/minnow in USA. We Japanese call small slim sahped lure which has diving lip “shad”. (By the way, beginning of “shad” history started with Bevy Shad of Luckycraft in 1992.)

Anyway, Shad is the Imae’s favorite category which leaded him many wins. Thus he gave a request Megabass to design it with Megabass’s patented technology:LBO.

What is LBO(Linear Bearing Oscillator)

The LBO is the new weight balance system.
Although the subtitle is in Japanese in the video, you can see what it makes sense.

Smooth transfer of the weight makes more distance and better swimming response.

So how great is the I x I shad?

As it mentioned above, shad is a category of small minnow/crankbait. Thus the distance is one of the disadvantage of the lures. By mounting LBO, Megabass overcomes the difficulty. The I x I shad can make more distance than other shads do.

Types of I x I shad


– Length: 57 mm (2.2 in.)

– Weight: 1/4 oz

– Depth: Max 1.0 m (Max 3.3 ft.)


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Type-2 (not yet in store)

– Length: 57 mm (2.2 in.)

– Weight: 1/4 oz

– Depth: not yet released


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– Length: 57 mm (2.2 in.)

– Weight: 1/4 oz

– Depth: Max 2.3 m (Max 7 ft.)

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There are still not so many reviews even in Japan, the lure must be great because the two living legend collaborated!

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