Are customers living in the U.S. secretly fishing with Japanese i-Motion lure?

What is the i-Motion technique, you may ask?
The i-Motion technique is a finesse technique (born in Japan) that swims the bait straight without vibrating the lure. It is a natural presentation because it looks like a bait fish swimming straight with almost no movement. When used properly, it excites the fish (when fished as shown in the video below) by presenting a natural-looking target.
The i-Motion technique, however, is a technique that can be difficult for the average angler, because it’s necessary to make the lure swim "at a constant speed that does not change or allow any blurring". In the last few years, many Japanese brands have sold the i-Motion lure so that anyone can learn and use this technique. Well-informed customers in America are catching a lot of bass opposed to those not yet familiar with the i-Motion lure.

How to fish the I-Motion technique                                      

In many cases, clear, calm shallow water leaves anglers throwing creature and crankbaits helpless. In most cases, the bass do not react with a bait such as these in clear water. If you start by the bass with worms or jigs, it takes all day long.
But, if you start throwing the i-Motion lure, many bass will chase it (see videos below). 

Characteristics of i-Motion lure and secrets to catch

Sometimes, movements and actions that humans find attractive are not always attractive to the bass.
The main feature of the i-Motion lure is that it swims straight without vibration, like a small fish, when retrieved at constant speed.
If you observe small baitfish, they actually swim straight with little physical movement. Erratic-moving lures, such as wire baits and vibrating crankbaits, are effective when there is a predation switch on the bass because they have strong appeal and vibration. Vibrating lures in pressured water, however, can also be a disadvantage. The i-Motion lure is effective for pressured bass because it has a natural movement, just like a small baitfish.

Origins of the i-Motion technique

The i-Motion technique was born when a Japanese angler noticed increased strikes when He just slowly retrieved on the surface.
The I-MOTION TECHNIQUE in Japan started with soft-plastic baits that were not exclusive to this new, innovative practice. A soft-plastic lure dedicated to I-MOTION TECHNIQUE was born and spread among professionals. It was a difficult technique for some anglers to accept, and therefore did not gain wide acceptance from the general public.
However, in recent years, manufacturers have developed i-Motion lures that even novices can easily adapt to, and new products are being released regularly. I-motion lures are one of the hottest categories in bass fishing today!

Introducing 5 types of our recommended I-MOTION LURE.
We invite you to try them all.

-Unusual I-MOTION bait-


Its the latest offering. Unlike our other i-Motion lures, it mimics dying bait fish by swaying and creating ‘micro’-waves. Effective for filling any gap that has been overlooked by other I-MOTION TECHNIQUE baits. Recommended for those who are looking for an action different from the conventional I-MOTION TECHNIQUE lures.


2. JACKALL <Nagisa 65SP>
-Well-balanced I-MOTION bait-

The rear hook stabilizer keeps vibration within a specified range without blurring at any speed, and the soft material tail is enticing to bass. It has excellent stability and straightness, and is recommended for those new to i-Motion technique, or for beginning anglers.

B U Y  N O W
2. IMAKATSU <iArrow> -For longer casting distance-

3. IMAKATSU <iArrow>
-For longer casting distance-

This lure has fins attached to the bottom of the body that act as stabilizers, along with high castability. It is perfect for situations where the fish are pressured and the angler needs more distance.

B U Y  N O W

-I-MOTION bait with flashing-

It has a stronger physical presence than other lures and is best suited for direct action that makes use of its ‘flushing’ effect. Should the bass follow the lure with an I-shaped pull without reacting, you can make it twitch and dart. Recommended for anglers who want to enjoy the i-Motion technique while incorporating other actions.


5. HMKL <Jordan>
-I-MOTION + "Leave it alone"-

This lure is equipped with tinsel instead of eliminating the rear hook. It is a "Just leave it alone" presentation lure. One of a small number of i-Motion lures that can balance both an I-shaped retrieve and a neglected action, so it is recommended for anglers who can patiently wait for the big strike.


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