🔴 What is the Free-Rig & The Best Soft-plastic for it

🔴 What is the Free-Rig & The Best Soft-plastic for it

What is the “Free-Rig” ?

It’s the rig imported from Korea to Japan around 2017. The Free Rig is the simple rig that has a free moving drop shot weight (or a weight designed for free rig) with an enclosed section to run your line through instead of a bullet/Carolina weight. It has been becoming one of the standard rigs like drop-shot in Japan and some anglers including MLF pros in the US have already enjoyed it as well. However, it’s still on a learning curve.  So, it’s worth to try it before it becomes popular. 


How Free-Rig works?

Since only the weight will reach the bottom first, the fall speed of soft-plastic will change and the bait falls with unique free-flowing action. Such speed change appeals to fish as the video shows.


Besides, it allows anglers amazing longer casting distance than Texas rig/ Carolina rig.


When and where it works best?

When you find suspended fish at mid-range depth on fish finder, it’s time to throw the free-rig. The best place for the rig is the area that has vertical structures such as “grass”, “standing timbers”, “vertical rocks” etc.


How to setup the Free-Rig?

Nothing is difficult. Just put the line through the weight eyelet and rig up any hook and soft plastic.


Which soft-plastic works best?

The free-rig works for whichever soft-plastic. However, if you want to take advantage of a unique characteristic of the rig, you should take soft-plastics which create more water resistance so that the bait falls slower than the weight. Here is some Japan Fishing Tackle’s recommended soft-plastics.


Jackall Honey Nugget 3.0”/ 3.8”

Honey Nugget is specially designed for the Free-Rig. As the video below shows, after the weight reach the bottom, it suddenly changes its posture and fall speed. Somehow such changes crush fish. 

 More detail and shop Honey Nugget 3.8"👉 Here

 More detail and shop Honey Nugget 3.0"👉 Here


 Geecrack Bellows Gill 2.8"/ 3.8"/ 5.8"


One of the most popular soft-plastic in our store is also good for the free-rig. Its flat ribbed body makes more water resistance. Not only during fall, they appeal to fish after reaching the bottom thanks to their stink body made from SAF material.

 More detail and shop Bellows Gill 2.8"👉 Here

 More detail and shop Bellows Gill 3.8"👉 Here

 More detail and shop Bellows Gill 5.8"👉 Here


 Which weight works best for free-rig?

Although it depends of the situation, there are two options: drop shot weight with eyelet or free-rig weight. For weight size, you can choose whatever you like. Here is our recommendations.


TX-DAN Sinker

TX-DAN SINKER is specially designed for the free-rig. Thanks to a mounted plastic pipe, it slides well and does not damage fishing line. Besides, since it’s hexangular in shape, it does not roll away accidentally. 

Shop DS9 TX-DAN Sinker"👉 Here



reins tg slim down shot sinker

When you get more snag, TG(Tungsten) SLIM DOWN SHOT SINKER is the choice. Since it’s the simple vertical long drop shot weight, it’s versatile. Good for not only drop shot rig but also good for free-rig and Jika-rig.